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Many people do not realise that being a chef is one of the jobs available in the rural sector.  It is of course obvious when you think of it, producing food is the first stage but preparing it and serving it is the second stage.  Eden Allsworth went to school in Kent and has a passion for food and cookery.  She attended Highstead Grammar School and in 2012 and 2013 won the Kent Young Chef Award.

Finding a passion is not something everyone can do, but if you enjoy something maybe it is worth exploring possible jobs and careers.  Cooking is an easy one, if you enjoy cooking, have an understanding of ingredients, don’t mind working long antisocial hours and ultimately want to own or run your own restaurant then Kent has a number of great colleges and courses to take after school.

Eden is now at East Kent College studying catering and this week she won the ‘Hot Chef’ competition organised by Tabasco (the hot and spicy sauce) in association with the Craft Guild of Chefs.  Eden was up against 21 other finalists from all over the country but held her cool and walked away with the first prize of a trip to the home of Tabasco Sauce in Lafayette, Lousisiana, USA.