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If you are age 18 to 25 and want employment opportunities but struggle to get interviews then Task Squad is worth looking at. Task Squad offers a unique experience enabling people to build their CV using the skills they’ve learnt from studying, volunteering and travelling rather than employment history as they believe that these key skills are ignored in the modern day job market!

Task Squad was created in 2013 to help shake up the recruitment industry. They couldn’t understand why many young volunteers, with their many skills and talents, were really struggling to get paid work. But without any paid experience they weren’t even being considered. They started offering something new and fresh to enable people with little employment history, the same opportunities as those without any. They aim to help match skilled volunteers with organisations looking to fill entry level roles. Companies get access to reliable and motivated candidates and young people get a chance to enhance their CVs and increase their career prospects.

vInspired is the charity behind the idea! Every young person hired through them on a temporary basis is paid an hourly wage. For every hour worked, vInspired receives a nominal amount from the employer. This money is invested back into the charity’s work. vInspired is the nation’s leading youth volunteering charity. They’ve created more than one million volunteering opportunities for young people to make a difference to the people and places they care about. Over 15,000 14 to 25 year olds have used to volunteer with more than 3,600 charities. Task Squad fulfils the next step in the journey for volunteers – entry into paid employment.

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