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When you are at school a lot of your motivation is done for you. Either your teachers or your parents are on your case to make sure you get your work done and not fall behind with your studies. However, as you grow, you are given more responsibility and increasingly left to look after yourself. It is all a part of maturing as a person and being able to take responsibility for your own actions. But how motivated are you, and why does it matter?

 Self-motivation is something that employers love to see. Your boss probably doesn’t have the time to keep chasing staff to make sure they are doing what is expected of them. Of course, there are checks, and if you consistently show that you are not working, then you will find yourself in trouble – or even out of a job. If you can show that you are someone to be trusted to get on with the job, you should find yourself rising up the ranks. Your hard work will help you shine in your workplace, and will certainly do more to advance your career.

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