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If you are making a decision about not just whether to go to university but also what to study at university then information on which degrees lead to employment is important to you.

A survey of graduate employment for the Higher Education Careers Service Unit provides very detailed information on what graduates do after finishing university. The survey further broke down these results to show the percentage of those in full time employment for each degree subject area. Studying for a degree in architecture and building appears to result in better employability than any other subject – with 72.1% of architecture and building graduates being in full time employment six months after graduating.  Examples of the degree courses included in this catergory are: architecture, landscape architecture and real estate.

What kind of jobs were architecture and building graduates doing six months after graduating from university?

  • Operational support manager
  • Site manager
  • Planning officer
  • Property consultant
  • Architectural assistant
  • Architect’s assistant
  • Junior architect
  • Landscape architect

Right down the bottom as far as employability was concerned were physics, biology, fine arts and law although, it is worth noting that whereas the majority of graduates of physics and biology were employed as either retail, catering, waiting and bar staff or as business, HR and finance professionals (so, not directly within the field of their study), 28.8% of graduates of law were working as legal, social and welfare professionals and 27% of fine arts graduates were employed as arts, design and media professionals.   –

Article from Not going to Uni by Lynette Daly- See more at: