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Everyone has probably given you a bit of careers advice when starting a new role but it isn’t normally very useful! Notgoingtouni has recently posted a piece about unusual advice that actually might help you when starting and progressing in your new role. They offer six main pieces of advice, these are:

Don’t Do Too Much

When starting a new role you may think that by accepting new jobs you are showing that you are a willing and dedicated employee. This is all fine, except when you overload yourself with work, not only can this leave you feeling stressed, but it can also be detrimental to your career. If you appear stressed and overworked, your boss may think that you are unable to cope with pressure and pass you over for promotion. You’re better off doing your role well than taking on too much and making lots of mistakes, it looks better and will impress your boss more if you show you can do your job well!

Make Your Boss’ Life Easier

If there is one person you want to impress at work it is your boss. While this doesn’t mean you should ignore others, you should certainly find ways to make your boss’ day go a little bit easier. Don’t be afraid to ask if there is anything that you can help them with – they will certainly appreciate the fact that you are willing to take on work for them or solve a problem they may have. Quite simply, your boss is the person who can get you promoted and give you the best jobs, or alternatively make your working life more difficult. Stay on the right side of them!

Take On Extra Work

While it may seem to contradict the idea of not doing too much, you should be willing to take on some extra work where you can – especially if it is something not in your remit. Even better if you can do something that may be above your pay-grade – it can show that you are ready for promotion to the next level. Just make sure you don’t take on too much, and that you get the credit you deserve too.

Look Sideways To Go Up

You may be focused on rising up the career ladder but sometimes it is worth looking sideways for another route to the top. Rather than ignoring those around you, see what you can find out about other roles at your level. Can you get a secondment to another department for example? You may find a different career path that you had not thought of, and if not it never hurts to have a broader view of the company you work for – it’s what all bosses need!

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