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A summary of highlights of the UK Independence party’s pledges about education, apprenticeships and careers advice should it win the general election on 7 May.

  • UKIP have pledged to allow young people to start an apprenticeship in place of four non-core subjects at GSCE level and to abolish the AS level exam as a part of the full A-level qualification.
  • They have also pledged that UK students doing degrees in STEMM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine) will not have to repay their tuition fees provided they work in their discipline and pay tax for at least 5 years after they complete their degree. To encourage students to help fill the ‘skills gap’
  • UKIP will drop the current 50% target for school leavers going to University and will not increase the current level of undergraduate courses until their are enough gaps in the industry to provide ⅔ of students with skilled graduate jobs
  • They will not give tuition fee loans to EEA students after leaving the EU, unless they can be apply to UK universities as “self-supporting international students”.

Read the full manifesto here