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Deciding on the perfect path to take, when it comes to a career, is a daunting task. With hundreds of careers to choose from, it makes it seriously difficult pinpointing one and sticking with it for the rest of your life.

Thankfully, currently, there are countless places to turn to, to help you with your dilemma, whether this is surfing the web for options or seeking advice from a reputable recruitment agency.

When it comes to deciding on the perfect career for you, one needs to consider a few things. The most vital questions you should ask yourself, over and above the ‘what is my passion?’ or ‘what career will allow me to make the most cash?’ is whether your future industry is stable and sustainable. ‘Will I be able to find a job in this industry?’ or ‘Will technology take over this function in the future?’ are the questions you should really be concerned with answering.

We know how stressful it is to think about all these huge future-plans – we all just want to live for today and stay in the moment, right?! If only it were that easy!

We want to take the stress out of your career search and let you in on the top careers to consider, careers that will be around for many years to come, with jobs that won’t be replaced by robots- phew! We made sure that we did enough research, to present you with options that are in your best favour – this means industries that are always growing, not saturated and are always looking for people.

Medical Field

The medical field is vast and rapidly growing. As technology improves and expands, so does this profession. It doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a doctor; there are plenty of other job options within the medical field that you may not have thought of. Some of these options include; nursing jobs, physiotherapy, radiology, dietetics, occupational Therapy and the list goes on! Jobs are not scarce in the medical profession, and there are even recruitment agencies in the medical field that will help you bag that perfect placement.


The Education sector is an exciting opportunity as it spans much wider than just the classroom.

While teachers and lecturers are exceptionally sought-after, so are the learning mentors, physical education educators or the remedial counsellors. If you enjoy sharing your knowledge, but are not sure of whether you could necessarily scribble notes on a blackboard all day, there are a variety of other options. For those of you yearning to travel, also consider teaching abroad as part of a gap year.

Sales and Marketing

Entering into the world of Sales and Marketing is a great one to consider, for the mere fact that companies are always in need of people who can sell either their product or their service. That’s what business is all about, and if you know how to sell, then you’ve got it made! Marketing is just one branch of sales, which is highly relied on by every company, the world over. Good marketing translates into sales, and for this reason, companies are always looking for better ways to market their products or services, meaning constant learning, improving and expanding. So, consider a job as a salesman of sorts, a digital marketer, copywriter, SEO analyst, internet marketer or social media marketer.

Technology Sector

With technology practically taking over the world, this is a no-brainer. There is enough room for everyone, in this industry, because it’s continuously growing. Nowadays, you’ll rarely come across an employer that doesn’t require IT personnel. Businesses with a small IT function may only need one or two employees, while big businesses may need a team of up to and over one hundred, but the crucial point here is that tech vacancies exist across a range of industries.

What makes this choice even better is the fact that one could easily freelance with these skills and make some great cash, too. Think along the lines of Information Technology, Web Development, App Development, Desktop Support or Security.


This industry would appeal to the creative cats. It’s an industry that would allow one to easily freelance, and there is also a plethora of great job opportunities in this field. From Graphic Design to Art Directing, Fashion, Interior Decorating or Photography, there’s something for anyone with a bit of creative flair.

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