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Student Melissa tells us from her own experience of what the most important things to remember when you’re collecting results with her top tips for results day 2016.

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep

There’s no use in sitting up all night, refreshing your college or sixth form’s results page, or urgently re-loading UCAS. This won’t change anything – the results will still only be posted at the given time, and your frantic clicking won’t change that. Get a good rest, and be prepared for the next day.

Have options and back-up plans

Okay, so you might not have received the grades you wanted, or you might not have got into your dream uni. Make sure you’ve considered options other than uni, such as apprenticeships. Just because you didn’t get into your favourite uni doesn’t mean you won’t get into your local HE delivering FE college – and you never know, you may enjoy it way more!

Don’t make any rash decisions

Sometimes parents or teachers can make you feel like you have to make a decision there and then, when you are still possibly reeling from results day – don’t. It’s much better to talk through your options with friends, parents or guardians, perhaps even the next day or week even. Whatever decision you make, you have to live with so take your time and choose the best option for you.

Don’t talk to friends

This is a personal tip that I find helps so much. We all have that one group of friends who are online talking on your group chat all night about how they’re going to fail everything. DON’T be that person. Distance yourself from your friends the night before, and concentrate on yourself. It’s not worth worrying about your friend who might not be going to uni – worry about yourself and your own personal future!

Don’t be unrealistic

Don’t expect 3 A’s if you’ve been achieving C’s all throughout the year. Don’t expect the unexpected. Think through your exams – which went well and which didn’t, and why? Have you got marks back for coursework or mock exams? How well have you been doing up until now? This avoids any nasty surprises for you on that big day.

And most importantly…

Don’t be disheartened

If your results weren’t as good as you expected or wanted them to be, DON’T PANIC. There are tons of options for you, no matter what subject or career you’re interested in.

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