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One of the main goals of every startup CEO is to assemble a team of people that can do the job well. However, finding the right recruiters is often more challenging than anything, which is why a lot of CEOs decide to do the recruiting themselves. And if you think it’s a bit unusual, just consider the fact that Mark Zuckerberg and the guys from Google have been doing that for years by personally reviewing each candidate. Here are some tips on how you can do the same

1. Have Realistic Expectations

One of the most common characteristics of almost every startup is that it’s constantly growing and changing. This means that your future employees will be expected to do the all the necessary heavy lifting in order to propel the company forward. However, this doesn’t mean you should work them into the ground, but you would need someone who is able to adapt and develop their skills. According to Firas Kittaneh, co-founder at One Mall Group, if your candidates are capable of this, you should definitely hire them.

2. Be Nice to Your Potential Employees

This unusual bit of advice comes from Jane Dawson, who is a chief recruiter for Superior Papers. However, there is a reason for that:

“Provided that there is enough time, we like to spend time with each of the candidates in an informal environment, where they can relax and be who they really are. That is how we determine if they are the right fit for us.”

3. Make Use of Your Contacts

Asking your friends and colleagues to recommend someone is also a good way of finding reliable people, according to Dan Gellert, CEO and co-founder of GateGuru, who relies on this particular method the most. Because they already know your and your company, they might be able to match you with the right person for the job. Of course, this is not an excuse for nepotism because you still need to find a person with all the necessary skills and qualifications.

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4. Think of Your Employees As Your Partners

Since startups depend so much on the quality of their employees, they should be treated like partners, according to Tal Oron, who is a CPO and Lost My Name. There are two benefits of this approach: you will attract those who like to take on responsibility, as well as all the best talents which like a challenge.

5. Share Company Values With Your Employees

Brian de Haaf, CEO of Aha!, always makes sure to share his company’s values with his employees. By letting your employees know all about your company’s values, you enable them to identify with those values and embody them. You also attract the exact type of people you need for the job, which makes the recruitment process much easier.

6. Take Your Time When Hiring, Not When Firing

Although it may seem like you should give your employees more time to adapt, Anada Aldahleh, CEO at Sandglaz, thinks you should cut ties as soon as you realize things aren’t working out. On the other hand, she thinks you should take your time when hiring new people, which saves money, since you are more likely to find the right candidate.

7. Give Your Employee A Test Project

Stephanie Ciccarelli, who is a co-founder of, shared the approach of her company. They like to give their potential employees test project, which they are required to solve within 48 hours. By analyzing their answers, the recruiters are able to see how the candidates would perform in real life situations, especially when it comes to working with clients.

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8. Create An Opportunity For Growth

According to Auren Hoffman, who is a CEO at SafeGraph, what employees are looking for these days is not just money: they are look to learn and grow. This is especially true in industries such as IT, because some of the existing skills and knowledge will be obsolete as soon as five years from now, By helping them grow every year, you are also shaping them to become top talents, which will ultimately benefit your company in the long run.

9. Let Them Experience Your Company

When Software Advice recruit their employees, they give them a tour of the company, and allow them to experience how an actual working day would look like for them. That way, potential candidates can see if the job opening is what they are looking for. On the other hand, the recruiters can also analyze how the candidate would adapt to the job.


These tips will enable you to make the most out of your recruiting process. As a result, you will be able to spot and attract top talent, and lead your company toward success. Good luck!

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