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You may think that careers advice is not for you – perhaps you have already decided what you want to do next, whether that is going to university, getting a job, or looking at other training – such as an apprenticeship? But could you be selling yourself short by not even looking at the full range of options? Careers advice has come along in leaps and bounds over the years, and with more resources than ever before, it is easier to see what opportunities there are for you.

Good careers advice is worth its weight in gold to many young people who would otherwise end up taking a path that may not suit them, or may be completely unaware of what their options really are. Did you know that you could get a degree without having to pay the fees? Did you know that many employers see young people with apprenticeships as more employable than those without? And, for many employers, attitude can be more important than qualifications?

This may sound like bad news for schools – like if you don’t need qualifications – that is not quite the whole truth. In fact, more and more, schools are realising that they need to focus on turning their students into employable people, rather than just focusing on grades. Of course, good grades will still help you get ahead, as they are still a direct indicator of your abilities in various subjects, but your character and determination also matter.

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