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Revising for GCSEs, A-levels or College exams can be stressful for everyone as different emotions and feelings come through. The pressure placed on individuals can make revision harder with procrastination prevailing over effective revision – every individual revises differently but everyone shares the following stages!

Peer Pressure

Before you’ve even started thinking about revising, it seems everybody else has already started. You just want to live your life, so you start (desperately) thinking of other things you “need” to do. Your friends stop going out sto they can revise and you find yourself almost forced to knuckle down – without the social aspect of your life the revision has to begin.


Deep down, you know it’s time to relearn everything you’ve forgotten over the past year, but, sure. These exams seem like weeks and months away so you’re not yet feeling the pressure. Putting off revision until the last minute!


When you admit that you should probably actually start revising.

So, you sit at your desk, with your laptop on. “I can do this!” you think. Your highlighters sit, neatly arranged by colour, waiting patiently to help you LEARN.

But then it hits you.


You suddenly start to panic, asking yourself, “Can I do this? Do I actually want to do this? What will happen to me if I fail this exam? Could I afford to fail this exam? What’s for dinner? What if it’s me that’s the problem? What if I’m incapable of revising properly?”

You think, “Maybe my friends are finding this hard, too.” So, you decide to go on Instagram (because why not: it’s not like you’ve got anything else to be doing).

But even there, it’s not safe.


You start to compare yourself to everybody else that’s revising. We’re all in the same boat though, aren’t we? Aren’t we?!

The False Start

You finally sit down, and make a start.

But not really.


Before you know it, you’ve actually got somewhere with your revision. Finished that first chapter? Time to tweet about it, of course.


Sometimes, procrastination is like waking up after sleepwalking downstairs. You don’t even how you got here.


 You realize that the only way out of this is through…


But… wait… before you know it…