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According to a new study, more than one in 10 secondary school pupils would choose education as their preferred career, despite many having inaccurate salary expectations.

According to the new study by the Edge Foundation, 12 per cent of 14 to 18-year-olds name teaching or lecturing as their ideal job, beating finance, real estate, and entertainment to the top spot.

According to research, the number of people completing construction apprenticeships has fallen by almost 75 per cent in four years, with just 3,760 apprentices completing training in 2012-13, compared with 14,250 four years ago. Yet, despite concerns about the number of young people entering science, technology and engineering careers, according to the figures, one in 10 young people say that they would like to enter a role in these industries. However, while many teenagers say they are confident about their chosen careers, the majority have little idea about what they can expect in terms of salary – this is despite the fact that 60 per cent say that they make career decisions based on future earning potential.

According to the survey, nearly one in five young people overestimate earnings in the arts and entertainment industry, when actually the sector pays on average £21,603 per year.Conversely, teenagers underestimated earnings in electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning by nearly £15,000, with many thinking average earnings were £23,000 compared with the actual average of £37,922.The research supports the repeated warning that not enough is being done to prepare young people for the world of work.

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