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For many students the new year will mean exams. Whether or not you have made any New Year’s Resolutions, you can always seek to improve yourself and make the New Year one of successful study. Why not take advantage of the new start and use some of our study tips to make sure you work better this year, and hopefully achieve your goals.

1) Set Some Goals

You need to know where you are going and how you are progressing in order to make the most of your studies – how else will you be able to tell if you are working towards your goals in the most efficient manner? Check your progress so far this year and see which areas you need to focus more on over the next few months.

2) Make A Study Plan

Instead of panicking and leaving things until the last minute, set out a study plan now. How often will you sit down and study? Knowing how you work will help with this – are you a morning person, do you find it easier to hit the books after you have been out for a run, or do you work better with someone else? Knowing how you learn will mean that you can set your plan for maximum results.

3) Find Somewhere To Study

Try to make your room an oasis of calm while you get down to your studies – alternatively you might want to go somewhere else to get some work done, like the library!

4) Take A Break

Take regular breaks during your studies too – you need time to reset your brain so that it doesn’t get too tired.

5) Get Some Help!

You college may have some extra aids to help you in your studies – they are designed to help you, so make sure to use them. These may include library courses, study workshops, or other facilities and initiatives

6) Change Your Lifestyle

If you made New Year’s resolutions you may already be trying to be a better person or get healthy, but don’t overlook how things like sleep and diet can affect you. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and that you are eating properly. Like anything else, you need fuel to keep going, so make sure you get the best you can.

7) Banish Your Negative Thoughts

Telling yourself you can’t do something or that it is too hard is only setting yourself up to fail before you even get started. Instead, try to be positive, Tell yourself that you are capable, wonderful, or whatever other positive affirmations you want. Self-belief can get you a long way!

8) Create An Atmosphere

Studying needn’t be boring – try to make it as fun as you can (even if that sounds like an impossibility). Set yourself tests, make flash cards, and put on some music to help you relax while you study.

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