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Have you decided that A levels aren’t for you? Perhaps you are finding the step up from GCSE hard to manage or maybe you just feel that the whole thing is not for you, and you’d rather do something else? These feelings can be difficult, especially if you always believed that you would go straight from school to Sixth Form college. Your friends may all be studying their A levels too, or perhaps you feel that your parents would be upset if you dropped out. However, you just don’t feel happy – so what should you do?

If you just started your A levels last year, you will have had just over one term to get to grips with A levels, so you may want to consider giving yourself more time to settle. Alternatively, you may decide that you want to change your studies to another subject. Perhaps you felt pressured to take a subject that you are now struggling with, and would rather study something else?

Whatever your exact reasons are, you should start by speaking with your tutor or head of Sixth Form. Arrange a time when you can sit down with them and discuss your issues and feelings about how your A levels are going. Between you both, you may be able to come up with a solution, such as changing to a different subject. Alternatively your tutor may simply offer you the reassurance you that you are actually doing just fine.

However it is important that you talk to a range of people because it is likely that your tutor will try to persuade to stay with the course, you can also talk to parents or close friends as it may not be just you that is finding the course tough. Even if you need to change your course or leave altogether, remember it is not the end of the world, merely a chance at a new experience that might just suit you better.

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