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Deciding what to do after A-levels can be a particularly tough decision to make, here is a guide to making the right decision.

Thinking ahead can really help you to make a decision , perhaps not the most obvious starting point, but if you were to go to university what would you like to do when you finish? Knowing your end goal can help you explore other options and work out if university is your best route.

You should also consider other alternatives, some options include:

  • Higher Apprenticeships – these now provide pathways to many careers traditionally followed by graduates.
  • Getting a job – there are lots of opportunities and trainee positions for school leavers.  Some people choose to work first and go to university a few years later when they have a better idea of what they really want; others find their feet at work and never look back. Check out Notgoingtouni for advice about different routes and vacancy details.
  • Taking a Gap Year – doing something different is a great way to try new things and find out what you like, and may help you make more focused choices.

Consider if you need a degree to help you in your career;
Sometimes, a degree is little more than a passport; employers simply want to know you have one but don’t have any real interest in what you’ve studied. For certain careers, a degree is not necessary and work experience is considered more important. And in other careers, such as medicine, a degree in a set subject is essential.

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