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Recently Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education, has unveiled a report explaining her 5 year plan to boost the standard of education in the UK. According to her report, the education system that the conservative party took over when they came to power had many issues that needed to be amended. In her report she says that the had to start managing a system where 1 in 3 young people left primary school unable to read, write and add up properly, the number of young people studying core academic subjects had halved in 13 years and  too many schools were failing with far too many children being left out or left behind.

In her report she emphasises the idea that she wants to build on the current education system and through reforming and improving  certain areas such as the national curriculum focusing on core subjects and the level of parent to teacher communication instead of completely changing the system. This is due to her understanding that despite the improvements that she wishes to make, there are already many positives when it comes to the current education system. She states that “Thanks to the hard work of thousands of teachers, headteachers and governors, huge progress was made and schools today are better than ever before.”, this statement gives credit to the professionals involved in education and shows that despite her desire to reform certain elements of education, she feels very strongly that many are doing a good job already.

The key areas which Nicky Morgan would like to are investing more money into the system to improve it and give every school equal opportunities to do well, focusing on the individual student’ needs and to ensure that the best quality of education is available at all times to everyone to improve the UK and ensure that the country matches international standards!

Department for Education Report Click here to read her full report