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The new year has arrived and now is the perfect time to start thinking about what 2017 will bring for you! Whether you see it as a fresh start or a new chapter in your life, make the most of the year and learn from last year – where you have been already will make an impact on what the year may bring! That said, this does not mean that big changes can’t occur and for some these will be on the horizon already – whether that is leaving school or college altogether, or starting the next phase of your education.

If you are studying right now, you will probably have given quite a lot of thought to what you will do next – whether that is heading off to university, looking for work, taking another course, or maybe even starting an apprenticeship. Perhaps you are planning some time out on a Gap Year? If you are still some way from deciding what is next for you, research and check various sites such as Not going to Uni to find out more from other people to see what they did and what advice they’d give to you.

If you are looking for work, now is a good time as many companies start advertising for employees now that the festive season is all done. The new year brings a fresh sense of optimism to many and, as the wheels of business start to turn once more with the new year, it is worth checking your C.V. and making sure it is up to date and ready to impress.

The new year is not just about making career decisions and educational changes but can also be about bettering yourself in other ways. Lots of people make New Year Resolutions, and if you are planning on doing the same, make sure they are realistic and measurable. It is no good just saying that you plan to ‘exercise more,’ instead you need to work out how and exactly how much more. Maybe you can find a friend to work out with so that you both stay motivated into 2017? Improving yourself means looking back at your own faults and where you might be able to do better. This may be something as simple as trying not to argue with your parents as much, staying on top of your homework, or even finding some extra time for friends and family.

The new year doesn’t have to mean that you bring in sweeping changes to your whole life, but can instead be a good time to take stock and see what small things you can do to make yourself better in 2017. In fact, these small tweaks and changes can soon turn into life-changing habits and are often more effective than looking for something grand and all-encompassing. Why not sit down and write some of the improvements you want to make this year and then come up with a plan to make them a reality? So long as they are realistic and measurable they are achievable – it is just a case of breaking your goal down into manageable steps.