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A summary of highlights of the Labour party’s pledges about education, apprenticeships and careers advice should it win the general election on 7 May.

  • The liberal Democrats pledge to double the number of businesses hiring apprenticeships and introduce  two million new apprenticeships.
  • They also pledge to extend the sectors for apprenticeships to include the creative and digital industries.
  • And improve the quality of vocational education, including skills for entrepreneurship and self-employment, and improve careers advice in schools and colleges.
  • Regarding university fees, they guarantee that students in England do not have to pay anything until they are earning over £21,000 per year –and this will increase in line with your earnings
  • They have also pledged to introduce a ‘Young Person’s Discount Card’, which allows young people aged 16-21 to get 2/3rds discount on bus travel, as well as reviewing the access to transport for students and apprentices in rural areas where they are not scheduled services

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