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Teenagers will be guaranteed face-to-face individual careers advice if Labour forms the next government. The party’s education manifesto also includes a pledge “to protect the entire education budget in real terms”, “A world-class education is a not a luxury, but a necessity,” said Labour leader Ed Miliband. Labour says its plan would focus on vocational as well as on academic routes into careers, with the aim of raising standards and increasing opportunities for all young people.
The new proposals would cost approximately £50m and would be funded and supported through a partnership between universities, schools, colleges and employers, says Labour.
The party quotes the CBI as having described careers advice in schools as being on “life-support”.

Labour promises:

  • Guaranteed face-to-face advice from careers advisers, from age 11
  • Advice about high-quality apprenticeships and technical degrees alongside traditional academic routes to university
  • Schools to be held to account for their careers advice
  • To reverse the coalition government’s decision to scrap compulsory work experience for 14- to 16-year-olds

Labour’s education manifesto also includes commitments to smaller classes in infants’ schools, a qualified teacher in every classroom and local directors of school standards “to tackle underachievement”.

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