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Having doubts about uni? You’re not the only one

Going to university can be a huge step into the unknown – and not just for you. Everyone you know might seem to have it all sorted, but get inside their head and you’d find exactly the same doubts swimming around.

‘Is university really right for me?’ ‘Am I choosing the right course?’ ‘Will I ever be able to get a job afterwards?’

When you’re making a big life change, it comes with the territory to have a bit of doubt and uncertainty.

However, if you are having doubts about university because you cannot think of a subject you want to study, don’t want to move away from home or are afraid of the debt you could find yourself in, you are not alone. Millions of people every year take the plunge in going to university with the same inhibitions, nerves and anxiety as each other. Moving away from home and the pressures of independent living put people off the experience of further education – do not miss out on the experience if your only concerns are how you are going to cope away from home.

At the universities there are a series of pastoral provisions set up to help anxious students throughout the year in settling into their new journey, studies and any queries that they may have; there is support there for students who are having doubts and to help you along your journey. There are always systems setĀ up to help students in their new journeys away from home so the fear of being alone isn’t a reality.

If you’ve accepted that there is help around for you and you’re still having doubts because of the course and subject you’ve chosen or intend to choose then maybe you may need to change what you want to study. If you are 100% certain that you want to be a doctor but can’t stomach a medicine degree then it may not be the career for you – there is no shame in changing your mind and trying something new that you might enjoy more.

If there are still concerns over workload and pressure then maybe exploring other options such as apprenticeships, gap year schemes and degree programmes could be the best way for you to learn about your career and future! University isn’t for everyone so exploring options that are equally as good could help you get to your chosen career quicker.