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Why do I need a part time job?

Why indeed? Well, as students, it’s likely that you will have to find a way to supplement the costs of your studies. Temporary or part-time work is a good way to earn cash while giving you time to study. It doesn’t matter if you’re at school, college or university; plenty of your peers have and continue to manage part-time jobs, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to manage it too. The following tips might help you find a part-time job.

Typical Jobs

Most students try and take work that they can easily fit around their study. This usually means shift work, such as working in a bar or restaurant, which can be changed around week by week. Call centres are another popular choice. Competition for these sorts of jobs will be fierce so if you think you will need to work it is always best to organise a job as soon as possible.

During the holidays the free hours that you can work are obviously a lot more and this is when most students take on full-time but temporary work in places where they can earn more money, such as in offices.

Factories and warehouses also take on many students although the work can be very hard. Again, competition means that you should organise such work quickly, preferably before the holidays begin so that you can start work as soon as your studying stops.

Finding Jobs

Depending on when you are looking for work, getting a job can be very easy or very hard. Firstly try contacting your careers department or university careers service, they will have information on any jobs available both on and off campus.

Failing that, or at the same time, you can try the following:

  • Online student job boards such as:
  • Local Recruitment agencies.
  • Local newspapers classified section.
  • Noticeboards at the university.
  • Signs in the windows of shops, restaurants, bars, etc.
  • Word of mouth.
  • Simply going to an employer and asking.

Remember if you chose the offline options, you should print copies of your CV.

For holiday work, you may want to consider pursuing a job that will provide you with some experience for your long-term career goals. The careers service should have contacts in a variety of industries and can help you organise a placement. Employers are increasingly looking for evidence of such dedication to your future career.

Paying Tax

You will have to fill out form R85, which can be downloaded from the Inland Revenue’s website.

As your work is only meant to supplement your funds you may not actually need to earn that much. If you earn under £10,500 within one tax year (April 6 to April 5) you will not have to pay tax. Check the above website for further information or alternatively call the Inland Revenue Centre Helpline on 0151 472 6208.

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