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Leaving school can be a strange experience. On the one hand you feel a great sense of freedom, but on the other is a realisation that you need to get on and find something to do. This might mean more study or perhaps looking for a job or an apprenticeship.

But what happens if, for example, you find that your grades weren’t as good as you might have hoped and you are struggling to find work or an apprenticeship? It’s an age-old problem, employers prefer employees with experience, but how are you supposed to get that experience if nobody will give you a job in the first place? If you find yourself in a situation like this it might be time to consider a traineeship.

Traineeships are aimed at young people aged 16-24 with potential but perhaps lacking exam results and work experience. A traineeship will include work preparation training, some high-quality work experience, and English and Maths for those who may need it.

A traineeship will last between six weeks and six months and should see you gain the skills and experience you need to get to the next level and find work or an apprenticeship. Not only will the time spent offer you some extra skills and training, but it will also provide some genuine on-the-job work experience that you can point to when looking for your next move.

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