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According to a new survey conducted by Matalan, 81% of UK managers expect to see a candidate wearing formalwear to an interview with 40% ruling out a candidate for dressing too casually.

Almost 40% of hiring managers would prefer to see a candidate wearing either a full suit or formal dress at an interview, with almost 90% of managers agreeing that first impressions are vital and can make or break an interview outcome.

It also appears that not just interview attire is important; 50% of the managers surveyed believe that a formal dress code also results in greater productivity in employees and in order to make a positive impression, over 90% of informal offices admitted that they change their dress code when in a client facing situation.

Chartered Psychologist, Dr Carolyn Mair commented: ‘Dressing appropriately is more likely to result in greater productivity because we are not using valuable cognitive resources on thinking about what we’re wearing.’

For those thinking of a career change, Matalan have created a useful ‘How to Prepare for a Job Interview’ guide which includes valuable advice from recruitment and fashion psychology experts, aiming to increase confidence and assist with preparation for interviews.

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