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In 2014 a company was started enabling young people to loan bikes and mopeds. It is a scheme for residents of East Surrey and Kent aged 16 or over who have a firm offer of full time work, training or education that they are unable to reach by public transport or public transport is not suitable. The loans are set for up to a year where people will make monthly payments to cover the cost of the insurance protection and the cost of the bike, the mopeds are owned, taxed and insured by the East Surrey Rural Transport Partnership. In the event of an insurance claim, the policy excess will be payable by the rider.

All new riders on a provisional licence and all new car drivers with a full licence will need to hold a certificate of “Compulsory Basic Training” (CBT) that company¬†will pay for, before being allowed to take to the road on a moped. The scheme includes a one day CBT course which includes classroom tuition, off road and on road tuition and is held at a local approved training center. It also includes a Safety Seminar which each rider will be required to attend after successfully completing CBT.

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