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The combination of A-levels that you choose to study is very important and you need to get it right. It can be helpful for you to think ahead to what you may what to study at university or what type of career you may look for in the future. This can give you guidance to which subjects to choose for your A-levels. For example if you are looking to follow a career in science then it would be useful to combine the science with maths and a humanities subject as these subjects can support each other and allow you to be developing skills in extended  writing, such as history.

It is also important to keep your options open if you are unsure what career or course you would like to follow in the future. This can mean choosing a wider range of subjects as this does not limit your choices in the future, including two ‘facilitating’ subjects in your combination will stand you in good stead. The ‘facilitating’ subjects include Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Geography, modern and classical languages and English Literature. The more of these you choose, the more courses at university will be open to you. Additionally, if you have a talent for art, design or music and think it could be an avenue you’ll pursue, taking the relevant A-levels will help that to happen. However, the subjects that you enjoy are the most important ones to consider for A-levels as they can be challenging and you have to be prepared to work hard for each subject.

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