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The good news is that in parts of the UK there is a shortage of tree surgeons, which means there are plenty of job opportunities if you’ve got the right experience and qualifications.

Tree surgeons tend to work for local government and organisations such as The National Trust, specialist contractors, private landowners and businesses.If you like the idea of running your own business or working for a small company, the industry lends itself well to sole-trader or family run businesses. On the upside you will have the freedom to run your business the way you want.

Studying a qualification in forestry and arboriculture can give you a head start. By equipping you with the necessary skills and experience you can avoid starting at the bottom with everything to learn, on a low salary. You will also gain the certificates and competency to work with machinery on your own, making you an attractive proposition to an employer. Course can also provide you with an overview of all the areas within the industry – giving you the perfect opportunity to identify the disciplines in which you might want to specialise.

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