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Are you considering pursing higher education or changing career direction in 2017? As the UK jobs market continues to advance, we explore the top 5 career choices for the year ahead.

SEO content writers

If you’ve thought about working in content writing or content marketing, have you considered specialising in writing for SEO purposes? Search engine optimization is becoming more and more important in the current market as more companies are beginning to use it to their advantage – this means we are likely to see a large increase in SEO content writers over the next 12 months.

Mobile app developers

Many companies are beginning to use mobile apps to increase their awareness and accessibility. So as the number of mobile apps continues to rise, along with the percentage of people using them, so will the number of app development roles. If you’re good with technology and you like to be creative, a role in app development could be the right career choice for you.

Web developers

Did you know that web development is one of the fastest growing areas? Business Insider UK predicts that by 2024, web development jobs will have increased by 27% and the demand for web developers is already outgrowing those who are skilled in this area.

Cyber security specialists

An increase in cyber specialist jobs is expected to rise as technology continues to advance and become more affordable. Whether it’s implementing new security methods or evaluating security breaks, any company you regularly uses technology will be in need of cyber security.


Not only can working in healthcare be incredibly rewarding, but the number of nurses needed far exceeds the supply. In April 2016, 58,788 nursing positions were being advertised according to, meaning there’s a wealth of career opportunities available in this job sector.