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An article published in the daily mail suggested that apprenticeships are possibly a better option for young people, the study focused on the earning of the students after leaving university and it was shown that after allowing for their previous achievement and background, Oxbridge graduates still took home £4,760 more than students who went to new universities – and £2,500 more than graduates of other top institutions. This suggests that apprenticeships could be a ‘better deal’ for some young people, as the earning power after some university courses is so low and student debt is so high.

It was suggested that the benefits of going to university to study certain courses are decreasing as some are valued higher than others, the  courses with the highest earning premiums are medicine and dentistry, engineering and technology, economics, computer science and education. This means that people going into other areas of work may be better off doing an apprenticeship as the disadvantages of university can begin to outweigh the advantages. University fees are an issue as, previous research has shown that 73 per cent of graduates will still be paying back their student loans after 30 years and many will qualify for their debts written off.

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