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Applying for jobs and not getting an interview can be incredibly frustrating, especially when not every employer will let you know if you have failed or not., instead waiting for a deadline to pass without word to realise that you didn’t make the cut. If this is happening to you it might be worth taking a moment to pause in your job hunting and have a think about what could be going wrong. After all there is no point wasting time and energy just applying for jobs if there is something stopping you from getting to the interview stage.

The first thing to do is to realistically assess the jobs you are applying for. Do you have the skills, qualification, or experience they require? It could help you to write down all of the skills the employer requires to see if you match the majority of these points. If you find that you don’t have the relevant skills or experience have a think about what you can do to attain them. Could you sign up for a course or apprenticeship perhaps to make yourself more employable, or maybe could you offer to volunteer or intern somewhere to get some much-needed experience?

It is also possible that you are applying for jobs that are above your current level, to get to your ideal career you may have to start in a lower level role that you can use as a stepping stone to get to the position you really want in the future. This role may be within a particular company or department that you want to progress your career with, allowing you an inside line to your dream career.

Another different issues may be to do with your application itself. Make sure you tailor each application to the role you are applying for. Make sure you include the relevant experience where you have it, and of course thoroughly check your spelling and grammar – a typing error on your C.V. could be all that is standing between you and your dream career!

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