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Students are flocking to study agriculture – and the student farmer of the year says he’s not surprised. Agriculture is now the fastest growing subject at UK universities, with a 4.6% increase in student numbers last year. There are now more than 19,000 people studying it and related subjects.

You may have thought a degree in agriculture is solely designed for farmers. But the degree is actually extremely diverse. Graduates who don’t go on to farms could be employed by food retailers and suppliers. They can go on to work in research and technology, consultancy, education, marketing or the media.

The majority of my fellow students were either from a country or a farming background, or had an interest in food, animals or engineering. This led to a very close-knit community. The farm at HAU is on the campus, which made me feel at home – I’d often go for walks and visit the animals. – Joe Parry, who was named agricultural student of the year at the British Farming Awards.

Kenna Murdoch, 23, a Harper Adams University graduate in agriculture and marketing, doesn’t come from a farming background and chose agriculture because she had an interest in how food is produced. “University helped me launch a rewarding career as an agricultural advisor for poultry and eggs at Tesco,” she says.

The world will always need food, so why not consider a degree in agriculture?

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