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Kent Rural Careers App and website is a hub of information provided by experts so you can search and find possible career paths. There is a huge range of industries, from research and development, production, manufacturing, marketing and finally retail.

As a young person you may not realise that you have many choices for careers and jobs that are associated with food and farming.  This app will help you navigate the opportunities, salary ranges, skills and qualifications you may need or have already.

Farming supports 1 in 7 jobs and Kent Rural Plc have identified that this is 85,000 jobs in Kent.  Have a look and see if the perfect job is there for you.

Rural PLC (Kent) is an initiative that aims to demonstrate the true value of the rural sector in Kent, increase awareness of the rural sector and drive investment into the sector with strong returns.

Kent’s rural sector has a huge multiplier effect throughout the foodstream with its value demonstrated in its capital, human, financial and resources, as well as its ability to respond to challenge. Within Kent the farming sector alone is worth £5.4bn, employs 85,000 people, and, were it to be viewed as a company, would rank 57th in the FTSE 100.

Kent has massive potential to perform in taking the industry forward, with favourable climate, a range of productive soils, accessibility into the Continent as well as the UK and a wealth of industry expertise.  We have the world’s leading horticultural research establishment at East Malling, the corridor of knowledge-based industry running through North Kent; three universities and Hadlow College, a specialist leading land-based college and commercial specialist.  The county is identified as one of three food clusters within the UK and is already home to almost 500 food-related companies employing 18,000 people.

Rural PLC (Kent) vouches to create a voice and a platform for Kent’s food and farming sectors which have both the strength and scale to deliver more in economic and social terms.  Comprising leading figures in farming and the county’s rural and business community, Rural PLC (Kent) was launched in 2011 and lobbies for a more conducive regulatory environment, investment in skills, research and development and assistance in farm diversification.  Through working together, the ambition is to capitalise on opportunities for business growth and reassert Kent’s national reputation as the ‘Garden of England’.

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