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1. A love of technology and gadgets

Having a love of current technology but also keeping an eye out for future developments. Keeping pace with technology out of personal interest means you’ll have a higher awareness of the current threats and defences.

2. A dislike of software and hardware limitations

Have you ever used a gadget or used some software for a purpose other than for which it was intended? The practice of pushing a device outside of its intended purpose is at the root of ethical hacking and is an important mind set to have. Both when looking for a flaw in someone’s system and in the inventive way we can defend our assets.

3. A naturally curious nature

Have you ever asked how something worked only to be told “It just does”? For some people this isn’t good enough. Using your own time to answer your own questions about the world is a key quality for researching technologies and uncovering and solving vulnerability challenges.

4. Apply yourself to continuous learning

Being able to teach yourself about new technologies, protocols or coding languages as you discover them will allow you to overcome your own limitations and create something new. This could be a new way to enhance a system or a new way to defend a service.

5. Enjoy collaboration

Cyber security is a very broad field that is growing and branching out all the time. It would be impossible for any one person to become an expert in every field. So collaboration is not only necessary but a strength that allows us to achieve more together than we can alone.

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