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Have you been spending a lot of time unsuccessfully hunting for a new job? Do you want to make your job searching more efficient and rewarding? Then maybe it’s time to reevaluate how you’ve been searching, and applying for jobs. Job hunting can be a tough task as job seekers are usually up against countless similarly skilled candidates. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in the trivial aspects of job seeking that we lose track of the bigger picture and overlook some of the simplest rules.

1.Let people know you’re looking

Spread the word and let people in your network know that you are searching for a job. You never know – job leads and referrals can come from the most unlikely sources. You may even come across someone who has information about an open position or knows how to contact a hiring manager.

2.Emphasize your obvious fit for the role

If you’re applying through an online application then chances are that your resume will go through a computerized screening process. Don’t let the system beat you by tossing out your application during the initial screening process. Read the job description and any other available information thoroughly. Try to emulate the words and phrases in the description.

3.Maintain a stellar LinkedIn profile

Over the years, it has become imperative that you build and update your LinkedIn profile.  Don’t overlook the power of social media sites as most of the recruiters nowadays look to LinkedIn as their primary source of finding candidates. So don’t just maintain a presence over there for the sake of job searching but use your profile to its full advantage.

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4. Go beyond the online application

If you’re really interested in landing the job then don’t just wait around after submitting your online application. Take a more proactive approach and get in touch with a hiring manager or other potential peers working at that company. Not only will you separate yourself from the numerous other faceless candidates, you will get noticed by the very people who have the authority to get you an interview.

5. Diversify your sources

A general rule of thumb for job searching is to look through a variety of sources. Don’t just limit yourself to general online job boards as it may put you at a disadvantage. Try your luck with industry specific job boards, job fairs, career pages on company websites, headhunters and recruitment agencies.

6.Customize your resume and social media profiles

Remember that your application does not fall into the one-size-fits-all category. When you’re applying for a particular job, don’t hesitate to modify your resume to fit the job description. Treat your social media profiles and resume as living, breathing things and tailor them to the relevant job.

7.Remember to stand out

So what makes you different from the hundreds of polished and articulate candidates applying for the position? Remember that you can’t bore your way into a job. Sure you must come across as professional but by no means does that translate into boring. Instead of trying to find the correct answer to every question, come up with unique replies. The candidates most likely to get hired are the ones who stick out.

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8.Show your appreciation

Imagine how it would feel if you passed through the application process and aced rounds of daunting interviews only to lose it all in the end? It can happen to the best of candidates and all because of forgetting one simple rule: saying thanks. So, take some time to write heartfelt thank you notes and sending them out to the people who interviewed you within hours.  This effortless gesture will show that you genuinely appreciate their consideration.

9.Have a positive outlook

Job searching can turn into a lengthy process and it may take months before you get the job you want. Maintain your position and don’t become desperate to the extent that you’ll take any job you get. If you don’t have any specific job in mind then do some research and consider getting help from friends or a career coach.

Keep your spirits up and maintain your self-confidence. Having an optimistic approach is vital to succeed during your job hunting phase. It will drive and push you to land your dream job

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